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Solutions for Business & Non Profits
Business Solutions
Video can be the safest and most effective way to give prospects a tour of your operation. You don't have to worry about runaway forklifts, and the camera gives you total control over what prospects see.With good lighting and strategic closeups, your plant or offices and your employees will always look their best.
 And video can show your products or services in action. Your enthusiastic customers can deliver powerful testimonials so that prospects can see the benefits you offer.
 Let's face it, some of your sales people are better than others and anyone can have a bad day. But your video will always be flawless, consistently professional, always enthusiastic, and it will feature your strongest most effective message. Your sales people close the deal.
A Powerful Sales Tool
While doing volunteer work for nonprofits, I learned a great truth. When it comes to fund raising, fancy brochures and speeches are no match for a well crafted video.

 Let's face it. Words can't accurately describe the grateful look in a hungry child's eyes. Or the determination in the voice of a struggling college student who is nearly out of money.

Sometimes the only way a potential donor or funding agency really "gets it" is if they "experience it" first hand. And video is the answer.
Non Profits
Training Solutions
From crucial safety instructions to basic new employee orientation, video is the most effective way to train your staff. Your message will be consistent and specific thanks to your cafeully worded and visually effective video.


Video & Consultants